The COVID "bike boom" hit me hard:; I went from bike-sharer to bike-owner to e-bike maniac in 1 year.


  • 2012 → July 2020:

    • Enthusiastic bike-share (Citibike NYC) user.

    • Frequently: take train to a place/event, bike home; 1-way option is nice!

    • The bikes are heavy and slow, but convenient.

  • July 2020:

    • Got a hand-me-down roadbike.

    • "I still love Citibike, but this is better for some trips/errands."

  • September 2020:

  • November 2020:

    • Still want to try an e-bike.

    • Ideally a hauler, that could also fold up for easy storage (my office already had two wall-mounted bikes, but e-bikes are generally too heavy for that).

    • Bought a Tern Vektron Q9 (folding + cargo bike).

  • December → January 2021:

    • E-bikes are revolutionary and I need more 🤩.

    • Helping friends+family try+buy.

    • Market moving quickly; many fascinating takes on what an "electric bike" can be.

    • Bought an electric roadbike and a VanMoof X3 (all-purpose city e-bike).

  • June 2021:

    • Got a Brompton Electric; small fold + portable, nice for little errands, bringing it inside buildings/restaurants

    • 3k total miles, mix of errands, recreation, and longer/overnight trips

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